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GSBN Data Sharing Management Application

What is GSBN Data Sharing Management Application

GSBN Data Sharing Management App is an application that enables users to share digital assets on GSBN Blockchain, or to make use of the assets for data verification.

Benefits of sharing data via GSBN 

Digital assets on GSBN Platform are primary data and recorded on blockchain and therefore yield the following benefits:

  • Immutable

  • Verifiable 

  • Credible 

GSBN Consent Service 

Consent to share data from data owners is an important prerequisite to data sharing. Traditionally, it's done via signed agreement on paper. It is not scalable, difficult to manage, and easy to tamper wtih.

GSBN Consent Service provides an easy interface for users for all roles with the following functionalities:

  • Data Receivers can create data requests and ask for consent in one single flow

  • Data Owners can provide consent upon receiving the requests

  • Data Providers can approve of the data sharing requests 


Once the data is shared, we'd provide email notification users right away. Data Receivers can simply login to view the shipping document data they've requested. 


GSBN Attestation Service 

Not everyone needs the shipping data from source. Sometimes, they just want to verify what they have on hand is genuine and accurate. Users can use our App to either upload the document or input the content, and GSBN Attestation Service will use hash comparison to check the content presented against the content in our blockchain record. 


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