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Our Platform Capabilities

Data Sharing

Unifying the consent collection and data sharing process

GSBN's Data Sharing Service is a blockchain solution to facilitate the data sharing process of shipping documents by collecting and recording the data request, consent, and eventual approval response in digital assets on the network.

Instead of using paper to collect consent from the cargo owner, which is slow and hard to scale, GSBN Data Sharing Service provides a fully digitized and standardized consent mechanism. Once the consent is collected and stored on the blockchain, consequent data requests can use the existing consent to directly query the data providers without needing to collect consent every time.

Shipping documents are traditionally shared using paper/PDF and have the potential to be forged or tampered with. However, with GSBN Data Sharing Service, since the data is shared over the network where the data provider directly issues it, this ensures trust in the document since it comes from the primary source.

For more details, please contact us.

Data Verification

Easily verify the contents of a document

While GSBN's Data Sharing Service provides a streamlined process to get data directly from the primary source, there can be some challenges. The process requires the onboarding of the consent provider who may lack the incentive to do so. Secondly, both consent collection and approval from the data provider can take time, up to days. 

GSBN's Data Verification Service is a blockchain solution to facilitate the verification of the contents of a document which can be done instantaneously.

GSBN does not have access to any data on the network, hence this is achieved by creating a hash of the document to be verified and comparing it with the hash of the original document. A Match or No match result will be generated based on the comparison. 

GSBN Data Verification Service is fully automated, has minimum SLA, and does not have a dependency of action from other organizations.

For more details, please contact us.

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