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GSBN joins Hyperledger Foundation to accelerate blockchain solution development in global trade

The shipping sector is undergoing a once-in-a-lifetime digital leap, evolving from a traditional sector heavily reliant on paper, to one which is paperless, digital, and highly efficient. The GSBN consortium is committed to becoming a driving force during this evolution through our blockchain-enabled operating system to redefine global trade.

Today’s global supply chains are hugely complex with disparate and often competing market participants. We believe that enterprise-grade blockchain technology can offer the necessary foundations to navigate these challenges and facilitate trusted data exchange. Indeed, in the same way the shipping sector continues to evolve, blockchain technology does not stay static either.

This is why we are delighted to be joining the Hyperledger Foundation. Hosted by the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Foundation is the open, global ecosystem for enterprise blockchain technologies. As the first organization to join from the global shipping sector, we believe through our industry experience and technical expertise at GSBN, we can advance the development of blockchain applications to improve efficiency in global trade.

The well proven Hyperledger Fabric offers a permissioned, enterprise-grade blockchain platform upon which new features, applications and solutions can be developed. Having access to this means we will be able to develop innovative new features that can directly benefit our members.

What’s more, as a technology consortium, collaboration is at the heart of our DNA. Joining Hyperledger Foundation also presents an exciting opportunity for us to be part a thriving community of other industry-leading organizations of all sizes contributing to the growth blockchain technology.


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