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Global Data Infrastructure and Ecosystem for Trusted Collaboration

Despite investments into digital transformation, major bottlenecks remain that are holding the industry back from unlocking its full potential due to the complex nature of global trade. Disparate, often competing participants across global supply chains have resulted in an inherent lack of trust and multiple data siloes that have made collaboration inefficient. 


To address this, GSBN operates a secure data infrastructure built on blockchain technology, designed to enable trusted data exchange and collaboration across global supply chains. Our infrastructure is designed to support different standards and is interoperable from day one.


We operate an ecosystem of applications and solutions that address different challenges across the industry. Among these are GSBN’s five flagship solutions and initiatives. 

Signing a Contract


IGP&I approved eBL application compatible across container, bulk and tanker to accelerate the shift to paperless.


Cargo Ship at Sea

Trade Finance

GSBN's Trade Finance Advisory Group explores how our infrastructure can help bridge the global trade finance gap.


Cargo Ship at the Port

Safe Transportation

Transforming the safe transportation certification process to improve safety and environmental protection.


Cargo Ship at Port

Cargo Release

A paperless, highly efficient and transparent solution reducing the cargo release process from days to hours.


Financial Graphs


Underpinning the transition to a greener future by harnessing blockchain technology for comprehensive data sharing.


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