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Our Vision


Our vision is to modernise the entire global shipping industry to enable efficient and secure trade, and ultimately modernising global shipping for a smarter, stronger and more resilient global economy.


Since records began, trade has always been an important part of humankind. The introduction of container shipping was a major milestone, unlocking significant economic value and benefits as the world globalised. 


Although global shipping has evolved, industries have rapidly transformed through technology at a much faster pace. Information remains on paper and continues to be shared through slow and manual means, an inefficiency costing the industry over $30 billion every year. As a result, today’s global shipping industry is struggling to keep up with the rising complexities of supply chains, markets and economies. 


Our blockchain-supported platform will serve as the 'operating system’ of choice for global trade, starting with the shipping industry. By harnessing blockchain technology, our platform will facilitate trusted collaboration between disparate and competing market participants, as well as enabling greater efficiencies and resilience. We will also expand the global trade ecosystem by creating bridges to new market participants such as banks, fintechs and other consortia, while supporting the development of technology-driven innovation as the industry makes the leap to digital. 


We are the first, not-for-profit technology consortium with an “operating system” to pave the way to a modern, digitally-driven global trade ecosystem, to support new business models and to create economic value that is unimaginable today.


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