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Image by Kumpan Electric

Safe Transportation

Prevent accidents and preserve the lives of seafarers

Special cargo, such as lithium batteries, must be certified as safe to transport before they are transported for export. Without proper control, there will be an increase in the number of accidents and potential losses of life for the crew. 

Traditionally, shippers collect the paper certificate from an accreditation body and provide it to the carriers. However, certificates shared in this manner are hard to verify by Carriers, thus carrying risks such as misdeclaration and fraud. 


GSBN transforms this into a digitally enabled process. Digital certificates are shared directly by accreditation bodies over GSBN’s blockchain network, providing assurance over the veracity of the information.





Our CEO Bertrand Chen will present alongside the MSC team a pilot for Safe Transportation Certificates linked to the MSC booking system for automatic verification at the 78th plenary meeting of SMDG on April 23rd 2024 in Antwerp. Event details here.

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