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eBL and Paperless Trade

Accelerating eBL Adoption

Every year, 20 million paper Bills of Lading are couriered around the world to facilitate the shipments of goods. An electronic Bill of Lading (eBL) issued over GSBN infrastructure transforms the existing manual, paper-based exchange of global trade documentation into a digitally enabled efficient, paperless, and environmentally friendly process. 

The digitisation of this important trade document means it can be issued and transferred in seconds, rather than several weeks. Fewer administrative costs, and expenses associated with loss, damage, or delay of delivery of the paper BL.

GSBN collaborates with standards development organisations such as DCSA, BIMCO, and ICC, to ensure that eBLs issued on GSBN cover all types of maritime shipping including container, bulk, and special cargo.

Key Fact


eBLs issued on GSBN in 2023


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