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Here to simplify trade for all


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Our Vision 

Our vision is to simplify global trade for all.

Our mission is to enable and accelerate the digital transformation of the shipping industry. 

Through the setup of a not for profit, secure Data Exchange,

GSBN will:

- facilitate the sharing of verified logistics data 
- streamline operations across the entire supply chain and 
- create value for all parties involved

Our Shareholders

Our shareholders are major Shipping Carriers and Global Terminal Operators. They are committed to collaborate in an open and transparent manner, to bring forward the digital transformation of the entire shipping industry.

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Our Platform


The trusted and accessible operating system powering the global shipping trade.

GSBN is built on a permissioned blockchain with strong data governance where only authorized parties are granted the right to contribute and consume shipping related data. By leveraging immutability of the blockchain and data field level privacy through cryptography, participants in the supply chain such as Terminals, Carriers, Shippers, Freight Forwarders, Truckers, Customs and Financial Institutions, can collaboratively design and enable industry wide, end to end, solutions. 

GSBN was established on a not for profit basis to ensure neutrality of the platform.

Our ESG Value


ESG is rising high on the agenda of governments, boardrooms and investors. While the shipping industry is increasingly under pressure to meet sustainability targets, it still lacks the underlying infrastructure to effectively do so. 


GSBN strive to promote the digitization of the global trade sector, which will result in more comprehensive data sharing and help parties reduce their carbon footprint through efficiency, eventually enabling better governance and risk management.


Our Product - Trade Finance 

Today, global trade and shipping is facing a major challenge. Exacerbated by COVID-19, the global trade finance gap has ballooned to over $3.4 trillion, partly due to centuries-old practices and the use of paper that still dominate most of global trade and shipping today.


GSBN’s Trade Finance solution enables financial institutions to leverage logistics data in their underwriting and risk management processes when they provide financing products to customers who are using GSBN’s members as their logistics service providers. Its API connectivity also to enables companies to develop new applications to address different challenges and unlock new challenges. 


Trade Finance Advisory Group 

GSBN’s Trade Finance Advisory Group was established to explore the technical, legal and regulatory frameworks needed to break the siloes between the global supply chain and financial institutions. Its members include Bank of China, DBS Bank, HSBC. 

Our Product - Cargo Release 

Cargo Release offers a paperless, highly efficient and transparent solution connecting everyone involved at port of import including shipping lines, consignees, their agents and terminals. 


By eliminating the need for paper, it simplifies data exchange and shortens operation time among parties with real-time updates, cutting the time for cargo to be document ready for release from days to a matter of hours. 


The application been deployed across China, Southeast Asia, Europe and most recently Latin America, serving over 10,000 customers to date.

Our Footprint - Cargo Release 

Our Team

We have a diverse team, with multicultural backgrounds, wide domain knowledge and multilingual skills (English, French, German, Dutch, Chinese). We share a global outlook on businesses and a passion for unlocking value in the industry by applying disruptive technologies.


We look forward to embarking with all of you on this transformation journey, exploring and implementing new technologies and ways of working together to solve the hardest problems in the shipping industry.

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