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Our Platform Capabilities

Data Verification

Verify your documents in an instant

In the paper-heavy world of supply chains, documents are vulnerable to forgery. Our GSBN Data Verification Service offers a reliable and fully automated solution to address this challenge. Users can validate the accuracy of data by presenting either the entire PDF or specific fields they wish to verify against data on GSBN.


Practical Application in Decarbonization:

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic for corporations. As a result, more carriers are issuing Green Certificates to demonstrate corporate contributions to biofuel usage. To ensure the authenticity of these certificates, holders can present them to GSBN for instant validation against our blockchain records.


GSBN Green Certificate is just one example of the documents that can benefit from our service. Enhanced verifiability helps build trust and ensures compliance across industries.

For more details on how our Data Verification Service can secure your document handling, please contact us.

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Consent-based Data Sharing

Unifying the consent collection and data sharing process

The need for interconnectedness and digitization is undeniable, yet challenges in consent management often hinder seamless data sharing. GSBN addresses this with an innovative blockchain-powered Data Sharing Application that digitizes the entire process from data request to consent collection and access, making it scalable and easy to maintain.


Practical Application in Trade Finance:

Bank of China (HK) is harnessing this capability in the trade finance drawdown process. Traditionally, trade finance required customers to submit a bill of lading for each transaction, a repetitive and cumbersome process. With our solution, once initial consent is obtained, the bank accesses shipment data directly from carriers via GSBN, streamlining processes and enhancing security by minimizing fraud risks.


This technology is versatile, with potential applications beyond trade finance. For more details, please contact us.

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